This work depicts a photogravure of Jozef Israëls’ painting “Mother and Child” from 1896, a subject he revisited many times throughout his career. Jan Veth, a Dutch painter and critic, considered this to be one of Israëls’ last works on this theme. The photogravure is part of an original portfolio containing 50 reproductions of Israëls’ renowned paintings, published in 1904 by Gebr. E.M. Cohen of Amsterdam and printed by Meissenbach & Riffarth of Berlin.

Mother and child, after Jozef Israëls KUNSTHUIS André Middelburg

The artwork shows a tender and intimate moment between a mother and her child. The mother, cloaked in a soft, textured garment, holds her young one close, her gaze affectionately directed towards the child. The delicate rendering of light and shadow in the image suggests the warmth and serenity of this maternal scene.

In 1904, the original painting was part of the private collection of Sir John Charles Day in London, but its current location remains unknown. The photogravure process, a method of printmaking that transfers a photographic image onto a metal plate to be printed intaglio, was used to create this image. The paper specially produced for this edition is watermarked with “Jozef Israëls/ Uitgave van Gebrs. E & M Cohen/ Van Gelder Zonen,” underscoring the authenticity and the significance of the publication.

The publishers, Gebr. E.M. Cohen, were part of a Dutch Jewish bookselling and publishing dynasty, with origins in Arnhem and Nijmegen. Unfortunately, the rise of Nazism led to the liquidation of the firm, adding a historical weight to the pieces they produced and preserved.


  • Size (h w d): 49.5 x 39.5 cm
  • Framed Size (h w d): 91 x 71 x 3 cm
  • Paper Size (h w): 73 x 54 cm

Handmade frame to fit this unique work of art. As standard in our Gallery, this is the framed with special anti-reflective and virtually invisible glass (up to 70% UV protection).

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