About André Romijn

André Romijn, a self-taught artist in portraiture and figurative painting, creates art that celebrates women beyond traditional bounds. With oil and often gold leaf as his medium, his art unveils captivating narratives, from intimate studies to grand compositions, reflecting his multifaceted artistic identity. Awarded and exhibited globally, Romijn’s work resides in art enthusiasts’ collections worldwide, inviting exploration of the human experience through his evocative brushstrokes.

Early 2024, Romijn has relocated from Tuscany to Middelburg, the Netherlands, to inaugurate his new atelier and gallery KUNSTHUIS André.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am drawn to the rich complexity of the female form and spirit. Through the medium of oil paint, I seek to capture the essence of women, transcending mere representation to explore their inner strength, resilience, and unique narratives.

My artistic journey is a constant exploration of the essence of femininity. I often draw inspiration from the rich history of portraiture and figurative art, incorporating elements of classical techniques while infusing them with a contemporary sensibility.

My work has been recognized through awards and exhibitions on a global scale. It is my hope that my paintings find a home in the hearts and collections of art lovers worldwide, sparking conversations and reflections on the beauty and power of the female form.

Through my art, I aim to celebrate and honour the women who inspire me and, in turn, inspire others to appreciate the rich tapestry of human existence.

André Romijn Artist portrait painter

Exhibitions & Awards

  • Unseen Reality: International Art Exhibition, November 2023 – Museo de Villa Paolina, Viareggio – Italy
  • XIV Florence Biennale,  October 2023, Fortezza da Basso, Florence – Italy
  • Rome Art Week, THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THINGS, October 2022, Galleria Il Leone, Rome – Italy
  • Bienal de Arte Barcelona, October 2022, The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona – Spain
  • 30th ‘Salon International d’Art Contemporain’, October 2022 at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris – France
  • Unicef ‘Artista per la Pace’, AWARDED, September 2022, Palermo – Italy
  • During the 59th Biennale di Venezia ‘WE ARE REVERSAL (WAR)’, July 2022, MUSA Pavilion in Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Venice – Italy
  • ‘Milano ART & DESIGN WEEK’ Contemporary Art Review, June 2022, Expo Fiera Milano – Milan – Italy
  • WE CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW, June 2021, Gründerzeit palace – Gründerzeit palace Vienna – Austria
  • International Contemporary Art Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Milano, Spring 2021, Milan – Italy
  • Artista dell’Anno – Creatività, Palermo Artexpo 2020, AWARDED, Effetto Arte Gallery, February 2021, Palermo – Italy
Unicef Palermo André Romijn

On the 9th September 2022, André Romijn received an Award for his painting ‘The Sheltering Sky’.


Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2023. Romijn is one of the 150 selected artists in this thirteenth edition of this annual. This yearbook offers an overview of contemporary artists, painters, sculptors and other artistic disciplines in The Netherlands.

Artists of Today and Tomorrow. Artists of Today and Tomorrow III (a terza edizione del catalogo di arte contemporanea “Artisti di Oggi e di Domani”) is the 3rd edition of the contemporary art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini, edited by Gangemi Editore. This prestigious art catalogue was launched on 3 December 2022 at il Circolo Ufficiali delle Forze Armate d’Italia in Rome, by a panel chaired by the Honourable Erica Battaglia, president of the Culture Commission of the Municipality of Rome. Award winning artist André Romijn was one of the 52 carefully curated artists.


  • Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars (BOK) – The Netherlands
  •  Kunst- en Cultuurrroute Middelburg – The Netherlands