an intimate portrayal of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo by André Romijn, after anthony van Dyck

The painting presents an intimate portrayal of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo, inspired by Anthony van Dyck’s original work. André Romijn has captured the essence of Van Dyck’s style while infusing his own interpretation into the artwork.

Romijn’s rendition respects the delicate balance of light and shadow that Van Dyck was known for, with a focus on the luminous complexion of the Marchesa and the subtle softness of her features. The warm tones and soft gradations of colour lend a velvety quality to her skin, while the eyes, gazing directly at the viewer, hold a depth that suggests a complex personality or inner life.

The brushwork is confident, suggesting Romijn’s skilful hand and his adeptness at translating the grandeur of the old masters into contemporary renditions. The fabric of her garment and the adornment in her hair are rendered with a less detailed approach, allowing the viewer’s eye to focus on the Marchesa’s face, which is the centrepiece of the composition.

What stands out in this interpretation is Romijn’s ability to bridge the historical gap, delivering a piece that feels both time-honoured and fresh. It’s a testament to the timelessness of Van Dyck’s subject and the enduring appeal of portraiture.