The bust of Beatrice, sculpted by Professor E. Brinelli from Florence, Italy, is a sublime representation of Dante Alighieri’s muse, crafted from marble and alabaster around the turn of the 20th century. The choice of materials, with the soft translucence of alabaster and the enduring quality of marble, is fitting for a figure who has transcended time as an eternal symbol of inspiration.

Beatrice, a sublime representation of Dante Alighieri's muse

Brinelli’s Beatrice exudes a quiet dignity and possesses a serene countenance that hints at the depth of character attributed to her by Dante. Her downcast eyes and the gentle arch of her brows suggest a meditative poise, while her composed features echo the grace often associated with divine or ethereal beings. The sculpture captures the essence of the muse who played a crucial role not only in Dante’s “Vita Nova” but also in his magnum opus, “The Divine Comedy.”


The execution of her headdress and attire, intricate yet understated, evokes the elegance of the period and reflects the high regard in which Dante held her. The artistry of Brinelli is evident in the lifelike rendering of Beatrice’s features and the soft play of light across the smooth surfaces, enhancing her ethereal beauty.

Beatrice’s enigmatic legacy, which inspired not only Dante but also countless other artists including pre-Raphaelite masters, is beautifully embodied in this bust. While her true historical footprint may be light, the artistic renderings of her have cemented her as an icon of literary and artistic muse.


In this sculpture, Brinelli offers a tangible connection to the Florentine beauty who captured the heart and imagination of one of literature’s greatest figures. It stands as a testament to the profound influence of a muse on the creative process, as well as the enduring power of Dante’s poetry, which continues to inspire the art world centuries later.



  • Size (h w d): 34 x 38 x 16 cm

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