Join this lecture, (in Dutch!) which is scheduled for Sunday, 5th May, during the ‘Dag van de Kunst- en Cultuurroute’ and ‘Middelburg Boekenstad’, and starts at KUNSTHUIS André at 11.00 am. This will be an enlightening lecture with renowned artist and author André Romijn, as he unveils the rich tapestry of 18th-century Venice through the life and music of one of its most celebrated sons; Antonio Vivaldi. Based on his meticulous research and beautifully crafted narrative in “Hidden Harmonies: The Secret of Antonio Vivaldi,” this lecture promises to transport you back in time to the splendour and intrigue of Baroque Venice.

This lecture is an essential experience for anyone fascinated by classical music, historical biography, and the enduring allure of Venice. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the secrets of Antonio Vivaldi and the city that inspired his timeless works. Reserve your spot today and step back in time to the echoing canals of Venice and the melodious strains of Vivaldi’s violin.

Engaging Multimedia Presentation

Experience the past with an engaging mix of visual and audio materials that bring the stories to life. Authentic images of Venice and excerpts from Vivaldi’s compositions will enrich your understanding of the lecture.

Readings from “Hidden Harmonies”

André will read selected passages from his book, bringing to life the historical narrative with his own voice, adding an intimate and immersive element to this event.

Why Attend This Lecture?

  1. Deep Historical Insight: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Venice in the 18th century—a pivotal era that shaped modern Western culture. Discover the political, social, and economic forces that made Venice a cultural powerhouse of its day.
  2. Explore Vivaldi’s Legacy: Learn about the life of Antonio Vivaldi, not just as a composer, but as a priest, teacher, and operatic impresario. Dive into the stories behind his iconic compositions, including the beloved “Four Seasons.”
  3. Immersive Experience: Through vivid descriptions and rich narratives, André Romijn will bring to life the bustling streets, majestic palaces, and vibrant theatres of historical Venice. Experience the music and magic that defined this extraordinary city and its times.
  4. Engagement with the Arts: This lecture is not only for history buffs but also for lovers of music, arts, and storytelling. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how historical narratives and artistic expression intertwine, enriching our understanding of both.
  5. Interactive Q&A Session: Engage directly with André Romijn in a dynamic Q&A session where you can ask questions and discuss the themes of the lecture. It’s a perfect chance to deepen your knowledge and share your thoughts on the subject.
  6. Networking Opportunity: Meet like-minded individuals passionate about history, music, and Venetian culture. Expand your network with academics, students, and enthusiasts in an inspiring setting.

Book Signing Session

After the lecture, André will be available for a book signing session. It’s a perfect opportunity to obtain a personalized copy of “Hidden Harmonies”, making it a treasured keepsake. Books are available in English as well as in Dutch.

Reservation is necessary

This lecture, (in Dutch!) is scheduled for Sunday, 5th May, during the ‘Dag van de Kunst- en Cultuurroute’ and ‘Middelburg Boekenstad’, and starts at KUNSTHUIS André at 11.00 am (duration: 1 hour). Reservation is necessary as there are a limited number of seats available.

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Vivaldi: Priest, Lover, Composer.