This painting by André Romijn takes on the ambitious task of blending a fresco-style representation of historical subject matter with a modern portrait. The result is an intriguing juxtaposition that bridges centuries of artistic expression.

Echoes of Valour: The Timeless Gaze KUNSTHUIS Andre Middelburg

The background features a dynamic scene of medieval knights in a tournament, rendered in a style reminiscent of 13th-century frescoes, with a use of colour and form that suggests movement and action. These figures, inspired by the historical frescoes dedicated to Charles of Anjou in the Sala del Consiglio of the Palazzo Comunale in San Gimignano, convey a sense of narrative and historical context.

Inscribed symbols

Foregrounding this historic tableau is a portrait of a figure with a neutral expression, almost serene against the backdrop of activity. The face is painted with a softness that contrasts with the textured strokes depicting the knights. This contrast may be symbolic, perhaps suggesting the enduring nature of the human spirit amidst the tumult of history.

The inscribed symbols, or ‘inscritta,’ add another layer of depth, suggesting protection and evoking the spiritual and superstitious practices of the medieval period. These symbols, which Romijn notes are often found in and around medieval architecture, serve as a bridge between the viewer and the distant past.

Echoes of Valour: The Timeless Gaze KUNSTHUIS Andre Middelburg

Romijn’s choice to use acrylic on board allows for vibrant colour retention and detail, capturing the essence of the fresco style while allowing for a modern clarity and precision, adding authenticity to the historical aspects of the work.

Overall, this piece is not just a painting; it’s a conversation between times and traditions, between the permanence of history and the transient nature of human existence. It’s a homage to the past, a commentary on the present, and a silent observer of the unfolding future.


Size (h b d): 90 x 60 x 3 cm

Not framed, but ready to hang.

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