Art Courses

From Drawing to Painting

An introduction to how you can learn to draw and paint like the Italian Painters of the Renaissance and Baroque era

Always wanted to be able to draw or paint a good portrait? Then you’ve come to the right place! Drawing is not a talent, but based on skills that anyone can learn. Artist André Romijn will give you the tools to understand the basic techniques of drawing or painting a classic portrait.

At the KUNSTHUIS André in Middelburg, André will provide in 2024 introductory art courses suitable for beginners eager to learn drawing or painting, as well as for those looking to enhance their existing skills in these artistic disciplines. He will also organise some one day drawing workshops.

What you will learn?

Drawing, a skill that can be mastered by anyone, not just a talent, will be demystified for you. In these courses, I’ll equip you with the essentials of drawing and painting portraits. The key is consistent practice, which will dramatically enhance your artistic abilities. You’ll not only gain proficiency in the techniques but also deepen your understanding of the materials and methods pioneered by the masters of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. This course is designed to elevate your drawing and painting skills to new heights.

The one-day workshop is an introduction to the classic way of drawing. If you haven’t any drawing or painting experience, you will learn in a few steps the basics of creating a portrait.

Our Art Courses & Workshops

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