Discover the hidden world of Antonio Vivaldi in the gripping historical novel “Hidden Harmonies, The Secret of Antonio Vivaldi” by André Romijn. This book, which has received rave reviews, provides an accessible insight into the life of the composer of The Four Seasons, a man whose life was a continual struggle between triumph and failure. How is it possible that his music is world-famous today, when just over 50 years ago, hardly anyone knew the name Vivaldi?

This book has been published into English, Dutch and Hungarian. The English and still some Dutch editions are available at KUNSTHUIS André and will be signed for you by the author.

Everyone knows Vivaldi. His music is regularly heard in restaurants, shopping centres, and on television adverts. But did you know that Antonio Vivaldi, born and raised in Venice, was trained as a priest? That he produced literally hundreds of musical works, from concertos to oratorios? That he began his career as a violin teacher in one of the orphanages of La Serenissima?

Who was Paolina?

Did you know that he not only wrote many operas but also acted as impresario at performances of these and other works for years? What is the truth behind the ongoing rumours of an affair with the young singer Anna Giró? Was this the reason she was chosen for the role of leading lady in his operas? And who was Paolina, Anna’s supposed half-sister? Is it true that Vivaldi is buried in a pauper’s grave in Vienna?

Carnival in Venice

“The Secret of Antonio Vivaldi” takes you back to the tumultuous eighteenth century, sailing along the Venetian canals past Baroque palaces and bustling theatres. We experience the original carnival in Venice and travel to Florence, Mantua, Prague, and Vienna. You will undoubtedly be captivated by this artistic world of composers, castrati, and prima donnas, kings, emperors, and even the pope of Rome himself. The book is based on historical facts.

Difficult to put down

Reviews praise the book as serious, well-researched, and moreover, difficult to put down. André Romijn manages to paint a vivid picture with rich background information and authentic descriptions of life in Venice and other cities, satisfying even the most demanding historian. Antonio’s love life is handled credibly and in moderation, never at the expense of the music.

This book is a must-read

Whether you are a fan of Vivaldi or just love a well-told story, “The Secret of Antonio Vivaldi” offers a Venetian and musical treat that is both informative and entertaining. This book is a must-read for every music lover and a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the rich history of the Baroque. Experience the world of Vivaldi like never before!

The English and still some Dutch editions ( @ 25 euro) are available at KUNSTHUIS André and will be signed for you by the author.