Inspiring painting course for young people in Middelburg at Kunsthuis André

This course is designed to introduce young people between 12 and 18 years old to the world of painting, with creativity, technique, and self-expression at its core. The course is both educational and entertaining, aiming to inspire young artists and develop their talents. Participants will learn basic painting techniques, nurture their creativity, and discover their own artistic style by exploring various painting media and techniques.

Inspirerende schildercursus voor jongeren in Middelburg bij Kunsthuis André

Why should you take this course?

Personal Guidance: Learn from artist André Romijn, whose passion and expertise will inspire you to reach new creative heights.

Diverse Techniques: Explore a world of painting techniques, from classical to modern, and discover your own artistic voice.

Creative Development: Develop not only your painting skills but also your creative thinking and artistic expression, in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Final Project: At the end of the course, we celebrate your creative journey with an exhibition at Kunsthuis André, where you can share your artworks with family and friends.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and create artworks you can be proud of. Let your artistic journey begin at Kunsthuis André in Middelburg, where each artwork tells a story and each lesson is a discovery. This is your chance to learn from a master, find your creative voice, and be part of a community of young artists. Enroll now and bring your art world to life at Kunsthuis André!

Inspirerende schildercursus voor jongeren in Middelburg bij Kunsthuis André

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to Painting

  • Objective: Introduction to painting materials and basic techniques.
  • Activity: Creating a simple color study with acrylic paint.

Lesson 2: Color Theory

  • Objective: Understanding colors and how to mix them.
  • Activity: Creating a color wheel and simple landscapes with mixed colours.

Lesson 3: Basics of Watercolour

  • Objective: Exploring watercolour techniques.
  • Activity: Painting simple objects with watercolor.

Lesson 4: Texture and Pattern

  • Objective: Learning about texture in painting.
  • Activity: Creating textures with mixed media on canvas.

Lesson 5: Portrait Painting

  • Objective: Basic skills for painting a portrait.
  • Activity: Simple self-portrait or portrait of a classmate with acrylic.

Lesson 6: Landscape and Perspective

  • Objective: Understanding perspective and composition.
  • Activity: Painting a landscape with attention to depth.

Lesson 7: Abstract Art

  • Objective: Exploring abstract art and expression.
  • Activity: Creating an abstract piece with acrylic paint or watercolour.

Lesson 8: Animals in Art

  • Objective: Learning how to paint animals.
  • Activity: Painting an animal with attention to form and detail.

Lesson 9: Cartoon Characters and Character Design

  • Objective: Basics of character design and expression.
  • Activity: Designing and painting your own cartoon character or character.

Lesson 10: Final Project and Exhibition

  • Objective: Consolidating learned techniques into a final artwork.
  • Activity: Creating a personal piece for a small exhibition for parents and friends.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be familiar with various painting techniques and materials.
  • Have developed their creative and expressive skills.
  • Have confidence in their art and presenting it.


  • Progress will be evaluated through individual feedback during each session.
  • The final project will be presented during the exhibition, focusing on creative expression and application of learned techniques.

This course is designed to not only teach young people the basic skills of painting but also to encourage them to discover and express their creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Course Fee

A block of 10 lessons (2 hours per lesson) costs 295 euro, including refreshments and all materials.


KUNSTHUIS André, Segeersstraat 43, 4331 JM Middelburg, The Netherlands

STARTING (No classes are given during atumn holidays).

  • Group SJ1: Start September 3, 2024 – Tuesday Afternoon 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm.

A missed lesson can be made up by arrangement.


André Romijn


Lessons are given in Dutch and/or English.

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Portrait painter André Romijn