The art world is about to be enriched with a new destination for art lovers. After an inspiring period in Italy, internationally renowned artist André Romijn returns to his Dutch roots with the opening of his new studio and gallery, ‘KUNSTHUIS André’, located in the historical heart of Middelburg at Segeersstraat 43, the former premises of JA tassen.

This historic building will be transformed into a vibrant studio and gallery where the beauty of portrait and figurative art will be central. Planned for February, this move marks a return to Romijn’s roots after nearly three decades abroad. André Romijn, known for his realistic portraits and figurative works that celebrate the female form and spirit, will in February set up the studio and select the works that will adorn the walls of this new art house.

Visitors can look forward to a rich collection of Romijn’s own works and those of other artists, dating from the 17th century to the present.

Courses, workshops, and lectures

KUNSTHUIS André is more than a gallery; it is a living studio where André will work on his new creations daily. Moreover, KUNSTHUIS André offers the exclusive opportunity for art lovers and aspiring artists to attend courses, workshops, and lectures under Romijn’s own guidance. This educational dimension adds an interactive layer to the gallery.

André Romijn says of his work: “My artistic journey is a constant exploration of the essence of femininity. I draw inspiration from the rich history of portrait and figurative art, employing elements of classic techniques while simultaneously giving them a contemporary sensibility.”

A new cultural gem in Middelburg

Every first Sunday of the month, the studio will have a new thematic setup, promising to become a dynamic meeting place for art enthusiasts. KUNSTHUIS André promises to be a place where visitors and students enter a world of artistic refinement. A world where art is not just observed but lives and breathes, providing space for stimulating conversation and reflection.

In short: KUNSTHUIS André will be a new cultural gem in Middelburg, where art and heritage converge.

Kunsthuis Andre Segeersstraat Middelburg

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