This oil painting by André Romijn presents a striking balance between classical portrait techniques and a modern compositional style. The subject is a woman posed with an air of confidence and introspection, her gaze meeting the viewer’s with a sense of directness and poise. The artist has rendered her features with meticulous care, from the arch of her eyebrows to the subtle play of light on her skin.

Pink clouds red sea a painting by andre romijn

The background of the painting is divided into horizontal swathes of colour, with an upper section of textured green and pink tones that might suggest a foliage-laden landscape or perhaps abstract, dappled light. This section contrasts with the warm, solid hues below, which give the impression of a sturdy horizon or a structural element, grounding the subject in space.

Romijn’s use of colour is notable—subdued yet purposeful. The pink and green hues behind the figure could represent the ethereal or fleeting moments, almost like a memory or emotion captured behind the permanence of the figure. The woman’s white dress suggests purity or simplicity, allowing the strength of her gaze and the structure of her pose to dominate the narrative of the piece.

Pink clouds red sea a painting by andre romijn

The title “Pink Clouds & Red Sea” could be a metaphor for the idealistic or dreamy backdrop behind the realism and gravity of the human figure. It’s as though the woman is set against the whimsical or the transient, yet she remains tangible and resolute.

The texture in the paintwork adds depth and a tactile quality to the painting, inviting the viewer to ponder the layers—both literal and metaphorical—that comprise the work.

Pink clouds and red sea by André Romijn Artist portrait painter

Distinctive style

Overall, the painting is a testament to the enduring power of portraiture to convey not just likeness, but emotion, presence, and the complexity of the human spirit. Romijn’s work continues the tradition of portrait painting while also making his own mark with a distinctive style and thoughtful use of symbolism.


  • Size (h w d): 42 x 35 x 1 cm
  • Medium: Oil
  • Framed Size (h w d): 55 x 46 x 5 cm

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