The portrait by Frederick Charles Mulock showcases a young woman, exuding a warmth and immediacy that is characteristic of Mulock’s portraiture. The artist employs a loose, expressive brushwork, which gives the piece a vibrant, almost pulsating energy. His use of color is subdued yet rich, with earthy tones that suggest a connection to the natural world, while the subject’s rosy cheeks and luminous eyes provide a focal point of vitality.

portrait by Frederick Charles Mulock

Mulock’s rendering of the young woman’s gaze is particularly noteworthy. There is an enigmatic quality to her expression, which is both direct and introspective. Her eyes hold a narrative, a suggestion of a story untold, inviting viewers to ponder her thoughts and feelings. This psychological depth is a testament to Mulock’s skill in capturing more than just the physical likeness of his subjects but also hinting at their inner life.


The background is impressionistic, with broad, gestural strokes that hint at a setting without providing detail, focusing our attention on the subject. The contrast between the detailed depiction of the face and the roughly suggested surroundings serves to isolate her visage, making it a clear site of narrative and emotional engagement.

A striking balance between detail and abstraction

This portrait is an excellent example of Mulock’s talent for intimacy in portraiture, where the subject seems accessible and known to us, yet retains an air of mystery. The painting invites a contemplative viewing, encouraging the audience to engage with the subject on a personal level. It’s a striking balance between detail and abstraction, presence and absence, clarity and ambiguity.

Portrait of a young woman by Frederick Mulock


  • Framed Size (h w d): 66 x 57 x 4.5 cm
  • Creation Date: Circa 1925

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