In ‘Portrait of an Italian Woman’, André Romijn masterfully captures the allure of his muse with a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. The subject, an Italian woman with striking dark red hair, is rendered with elegance and precision. Her full lips and prominent cheekbones create a symphony of shapes that draw the viewer into her dark, enigmatic eyes, suggesting tales of old-world mystery and romance.

Portrait of an Italian Woman

Reminiscent of Byzantine iconography

Romijn’s brushwork is the essence of sophistication; it’s both smooth and deliberate, which magnifies the classic beauty of the subject. However, it’s the backdrop where Romijn truly showcases his signature style. The gold leaf background, reminiscent of Byzantine iconography, lends a divine and ethereal quality to the portrait, setting the woman almost as a revered icon from another time. This ethereal quality is further intensified as the portrait fades into warm shadows from the neck downward, grounding the ethereal with a touch of the terrestrial.

A poetic representation of timeless beauty

In this piece, Romijn achieves a balance between the classic allure of his subject and the modern techniques of his craft. This portrait is not just an artwork; it’s a poetic representation of timeless beauty and allure.


  • Size (h w): 26 x 21 cm

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