The image provided is a photogravure print from a portfolio featuring works by Jozef Israëls, an influential Dutch painter associated with the Hague School. This specific print, numbered 42 within a collection of 50, was part of the original portfolio with 50 photogravures of world-famous paintings by Jozef Israëls, published by Gebr. E.M. Cohen, Amsterdam and printed by Meissenbach & Riffarth, Berlin in 1904.

The cottage madonna

This is a reproduction of a painting that, as of 1904, was part of the private collection of Alexander Young in London and is now housed at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Capturing the everyday struggles and moments of tenderness

The subject of the photogravure, a woman engrossed in sewing with a child in her lap, is a typical example of Israëls’ genre paintings which often portray scenes of Dutch rural life. His works are known for their emotional depth, capturing the everyday struggles and moments of tenderness among the common folk. The subdued colour palette and the play of light and shadow are reminiscent of the Dutch master painters, emphasizing the meditative quality of the scene.

The cottage madonna after Joseph Israëls

Pioneering method

Photogravure, a process where a photographic image is etched onto a metal plate and then printed, was a pioneering method in the early 20th century for reproducing artworks. The fact that this particular photogravure was printed on paper specifically watermarked (“Jozef Israëls/ Uitgave van Gebrs. E & M Cohen/ Van Gelder Zonen”) for this edition underlines the quality and significance of this work. Sadly, this publishing House tragically ended with the rise of Nazism.

Compassionate depiction of peasant life

In this image, Israëls’ compassionate depiction of peasant life and his skillful use of light evoke a sense of solemnity and quiet dignity. The meticulous attention to detail in the scene, from the expressions of the subjects to the interior of the room, showcases Israëls’ mastery in capturing the essence of his subjects and their environment.

This handmade frame fits this unique work of art. As standard at KUNSTHUIS André, this is framed with special anti-reflective and virtually invisible glass (up to 70% UV protection).


  • Size (h w d): 50 x 37 cm
  • Medium: Photogravure
  • Framed Size (h w d): 91 x 71 x 3 cm
  • Paper Size (h w): 73 x 54 cm

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