“To Quench the Thirst” by Louis Soonius is a captivating pastel and charcoal composition that combines raw emotion with refined artistry. Created in 1923, this piece encapsulates a moment of intense human connection, frozen in time by Soonius’s deft hand.

"To Quench the Thirst" by Louis Soonius

The drawing portrays two figures engaged in what appears to be a poignant interaction. The figure to the left, sketched with a lighter touch, leans forward, suggesting a gesture of compassion or consolation towards the seated figure whose posture indicates weariness or despair. The choice of medium, with the softness of pastel and the boldness of charcoal, allows for a depth of contrast that emphasizes the emotional weight of the scene.

"To Quench the Thirst" by Louis Soonius

Human kindness in a time of recovery

The execution of the figures with loose yet deliberate strokes gives the impression of movement and immediacy, as if capturing a fleeting moment in the lives of the subjects. The artist’s skill in rendering the human form is evident in the naturalistic portrayal of the figures’ muscles and drapery of their garments.

Enclosed in a handmade frame that complements its aesthetic, the artwork commands attention. Its size and framing make it not just a piece of art but a statement, inviting viewers to not only observe but also to feel the narrative captured within its borders.

The historical context of the piece, produced in the post-World War I era, may also suggest deeper layers of meaning. It could represent the collective yearning for relief and human kindness in a time of recovery and rebuilding.

“To Quench the Thirst” thus stands as a testament to Soonius’s ability to convey complex human emotions through his art. It is a reminder of the enduring power of empathy and the silent stories that art can tell, making it a striking addition to any space it adorns.


  • Size (h w d): 52 x 47 cm
  • Medium: Pastel and charcoal on paper
  • Framed Size (h w d): 66 x 71 x 3 cm

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