The international contemporary art exhibition titled “Unseen Reality”, curated by art critic Monica Ferrarini, will take place from 16 November-3 December 2023 at Museo di Villa Paolina– via Macchiavelli 2 , Viareggio (LU) – ITALY. Award winning artist André Romijn, just back from participating at the XIV Florence Biennale 2023, is one of the selected painters, who will show three of his latests work.

“Unseen Reality” aims to convey, through the works of carefully selected international artists, the imaginary dimension that lies hidden behind each object—delicate and intangible. This dimension captivates and transports the viewer into the artist’s inner world.

Each piece of artwork, with its unique concept and aesthetics, narrates a story and evolves through the artist’s sensitivity and creative prowess. It offers an alternative, and in some aspects, more comprehensive perspective: an intimate and ethereal realm dominated by emotions. Consequently, what becomes apparent is the artist’s ability to capture something beyond the ordinary, unveiling the complexity of our daily experiences.

The creator’s sensitivity provides us with an unseen interpretation of the world around us, offering ever-changing reasons for contemplation and allowing us to perceive reality with a fresh outlook. Through aesthetic observation, the observer is stimulated.


Villa Paolina, also known as Palazzo Paolina, stands as a historic edifice situated in the city of Viareggio, within the region of Toscana, nestled in the renowned Versilia. This villa once belonged to Paolina Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Constructed in 1822, the villa graces the seaside, occupying a location now known as Shelley Square. Legend has it that this is where the sea returned the lifeless body of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who tragically perished in a shipwreck in Viareggio that same year. Paolina’s deep admiration for his poetry is said to have influenced her choice of this location, along with her affinity for its proximity to the sea.

Initially, the villa was named “Il Rifugio di Venere” (The Retreat of Venus) and was inhabited by the princess shortly after its completion. It provided a place for Paolina to reside near her beloved, the musician Giovanni Pacini. It served as a sanctuary for her following Napoleon’s passing and also as a hub for culture. As a princess, Paolina relished the company of artists and musicians.

Over time, as the city expanded, the villa became an integral part of Viareggio. After extensive restoration efforts, it was reopened to the public and now houses the “Civici Musei di Villa Paolina” (Civic Museums of Villa Paolina) along with a pinacoteca dedicated to contemporary art.

Those three oil paintings with gold leaf, An Ode to Daydreams, Gilded Luminescence and Ponderings of Paolina: A Luminous Enigma, will be on show at UNSEEN REALITY. Click for more info on every image!