Artist André Romijn embarks on a transformative artistic journey titled ‘URBAN FEMININITY’, utilizing the emotive and evocative medium of oil paintings to explore and expose the gendered dimensions inherent within city designs and developments across Italy. This project delves into how urban spaces reflect, respond to, and sometimes even shape, the diverse experiences, needs, and behaviours of women and men.

Upon completion, this work will be showcased in an exhibition, and accompanied by essays, it will be immortalised in a printed edition.

Urban Femininity by André Romijn

André Romijn’s artistic narrative will intertwine historical analysis with contemporary perspectives, utilizing the expressive capabilities of oil painting to bring forth the subtleties of gendered experiences within urban landscapes. His work aims to provoke thought, evoke emotions, and ignite conversations around the influence of gender in shaping the cities we inhabit.

#URBAN FEMININITY an art project by andré romijn
‘Sortie de l’eglise, Campo San Canciano, Venice’ after John Singer Sargent. Oilsketch on paper, 27 x 40 cm. Everyone desires a sense of safety, and fostering environments that enhance feelings of security is essential. However, in practice, numerous obstacles still persist for women in accessing and relishing public spaces, largely owing to the frequent exclusion of their perspectives and involvement in the developmental process.

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