Discover in this lecture how Volendam became a magnet for artists seeking beauty and authenticity

Step into the world of colourful traditions, authentic charm, and artistic inspiration with the lecture “Volendam, a Picturesque Harbour for Artists from Every Corner”. This vibrant presentation by André Romijn invites you to discover how a modest fishing village grew into a magnet for artists from around the world.

Volendam, a picturesque harbour for artists all over the world

At the heart of Volendam stands Hotel Spaander, founded in 1881 by Leendert and Aaltje Spaander. With their visionary spirit and unparalleled hospitality, their establishment became a cultural meeting place, a living canvas on which international artists immortalised their impressions of the picturesque village.

Volendam, a picturesque harbour for artists all over the world
Why attend this lecture?
Because it is more than a history lesson; it is a journey to the creative epicentre of the 19th century. You will learn not only about the unique marketing strategies that put Volendam on the world map but also about the personal stories surrounding each artwork on the walls of Hotel Spaander. This lecture offers an unprecedented look at the collection, containing not just artworks but also the soul of a community that breathes art.

André Romijn will guide you through the streets of Volendam, past the green houses and the harbour, and reveal how the Spaanders and their seven daughters in traditional costume shaped the image of the Netherlands. You will learn about Henry Havard, the French artist who ‘discovered’ Volendam, and how his work paved the way for 1,800 artists who called Volendam their home.

Volendam, a picturesque harbour for artists all over the world

You will gain insights into how Hotel Spaander provided a platform for artists to work undisturbed in studio houses and how sending postcards to art academies made the village a symbol of the Netherlands. You will discover how the Spaanders transformed Volendam into the largest artists’ village in Europe and how this legacy lives on to this day.

This lecture is a must for lovers of art, history, and culture

It offers a unique opportunity to experience the influential history of Volendam and understand how this village shaped the world of art and culture. Don’t miss this chance to broaden your horizons and participate in a story that still lives in every corner of Volendam.

Volendam, a picturesque harbour for artists all over the world

Reservation is necessary

Register now and witness how Volendam became a picturesque harbour for artists from all directions!
This lecture, (in Dutch!) on the Artists’ Colony of Volendam is scheduled for Sunday, 3rd March, during the ‘Dag van de Kunst- en Cultuurroute’, and starts at 11.00 am (duration: 1 hour).

Reservation is necessary via our contact form, as there are a limited number of seats available.
For this first lecture, there is an introductory price of 5 euros per person. After registering, we will send you an invoice to confirm your registration.

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