This oil painting on paper by André Romijn exudes a timeless elegance. The subject, a woman with a flower in her hair, is painted with a soft realism that captures both her physical features and a sense of her inner presence. The artist has given careful attention to the texture and flow of her hair, which cascades naturally around her shoulders, adding to her graceful demeanor.

woman with flower by andre romijn

The use of light and shadow on the woman’s face creates a three-dimensional effect, giving depth to her gaze and the contours of her face. Her eyes are particularly expressive, suggesting a thoughtful or introspective mood. The flower in her hair is a delicate touch that provides a contrast in texture and a splash of colour, drawing the viewer’s eye to her face.

woman with a flower in her hair

Romijn’s choice of a dark background emphasizes the subject and gives the painting a classic feel, reminiscent of the portrait styles of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This stark contrast focuses the viewer’s attention on the finer details of the subject’s features and the soft tones of her skin and attire.

Woman with a flower in her hair by andre romijn

The overall impression of this work is one of quiet beauty and poise. The artist has managed to convey not just the likeness of the subject, but also a sense of the aura or essence that she carries. It is a painting that invites contemplation, both of the skill involved in its creation and of the story behind the woman’s gaze.

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